01 AprWhat Causes Actinic Porokeratosis?

Actinic porokeratosis had been linked with the sun right from time. It is a special kind of skin condition in that it can come up on individuals of any age.  The skin condition has this rough appearance. It can also come up in the form of lesion. After the skin had been exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, what you have as a result is actinic porokeratosis. Over time, it had been noticed that the skin condition comes up only on parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. Such parts of the body are the legs, the arms, the face and the neck area.

General appearance

The skin condition had been described above to come up in the form of lesion. It comes in various shades of color. It can come up with reddish brown color and there are times the skin condition will take the color of the skin it is growing on.  The size of the actinic porokeratosis also varies. The size can be considerably large and there are times it can be very small.   There are times that the lesion of actinic porokeratosis grows to become a horn like thing. This is the reason it is sometimes called coetaneous horn.

Its cause

As it had been made known at the beginning of this write up, the skin condition is caused by the extensive exposure of the body to the sun. In case you are the type that loves to go for sun tanning, you need to be very careful how you o about this. That fashionable shade of color you are seeking may actually end up with contrary health effect on you.

The associated danger

This skin condition had been discovered to have a strong link with skin cancer. This is to say that anyone having it can actually end up with skin cancer. For this reason, it should be prevented or treated on time. Once you notice actinic porokeratosis on your skin, you will do well to pay a visit to the hospital so as to get treated on time.  At the hospital, you will be placed under the direct care of a dermatologist, who will help you manage the skin condition and also help to avert the possibility of cancer coming up on your skin.  If this skin condition is not tended to on time, it can progressively lead to cancer.


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