26 MarPorokeratosis Foot Treatment

Porokeratosis is a kind of skin disease which mainly affects the feet of a person. It is disorder in which skin lesions occur in the person’s feet and this disease can happen to people of all ages, even though the majority of the sufferers are children under the age of 12.  This disease is passed on from one generation to another, as it is a hereditary disease. If no one in your family ever had Porokeratosis, chances are that you will never have it as well. The condition of the patient suffering from this is very relative, in some patients the disease does not cause any irritation or pain, while in others, it might be the cause of itching and other irritations.

Normally, skin lesions are the first sign of this disease and the skin may even become bumpy (the bumps are referred to as callous). They can easily start at any particular part of the person’s foot and if they are not treated on time, they might spread to other parts of the person’s foot as well. Some people often resort to cutting off the lesions, to get rid of Porokeratosis; however that is only a temporary solution, as the lesions may appear again.

Permanent Treatment of Porokeratosis Foot

The permanent treatment of this skin condition can involve a process called cryotherapy in which, liquid nitrogen is used to close the blood vessels which give rise to the lesions in the foot. However, this treatment may be a bit expensive for most people, even though it is the fastest way to treat this skin condition.

Treatment can also involves using different drugs and medications and these drugs are given based on the condition of the patient, the lesions’ size, the risk involved with it and the preference of the patient. The different medications that can be used are:

  • Topical 5 fluorouracil, which can work in all types of this disease.
  • Vitamin D 3 analogues like tacalcitol & calcipotriol can be effective in this disease, if taken for a period of 3 to 6 months.
  • Immuno Modulators – in some patients (those who have weak immune systems), these drugs can boast the immune system and help them in treating the disease. Creams with 5 % imiquimod content are effective in this regard.
  • Oral Retinods – isotretinoin, acitretin, etretinate and other oral retinods can help the lesions from becoming malignant, and eventually remove them for good.


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23 OctPorokeratosis Pictures

Porokeratosis is a skin disease which is characterised by the patches which appear on the skin and they are surrounded by the ridge-like border which is known as the cornoid lamella. The porokeratosis pictures are many and they are easily found in the internet. One can easily access these pictures at his or her convenient time. The pictures have been posted from different sources showing all the possible appearances and symptoms one can realise what kind of skin disease is suffering from. There are porokeratosis pictures showing all the types of the porokeratosis.

Porokeratosis pictures of the porokeratosis of mibelli shows that the lesions starts at childhood. The lesions develop in extremities and also on the face. Also the pictures display the areas of the palms and the buccal mucosa to be another area which is also affected by the lesions. At the start of the lesions, they appear as small, light brown, scaly papules. The papules sometimes may join to form one plague which is separated from the surrounding by the warty rim. Some other times, the papules may join to form more plagues and they are also separated from the surrounding by the warty rim.

Porokeratosis pictures of actinitic keratoses, shows that there are tough, red lesions. The pictures display very clearly the colour and the real appearance of the skin disease impact on the skin. The pictures show that the lesions are found to be formed on the light part of the skin. Also the formation of the lesions is a bit selective because it appears that, the exposed areas are affected too much. The reason as to why the exposed areas are affected is due to the sunlight exposure and also ultra violet exposure. The light skin affected is such as the face.

Porokeratosis pictures display the lesions to be found in considerable numbers. They are accelerated by the excessive exposure to sun. They may start as early as in childhood and go on until one is an adult. The lesions are systematic sometimes and especially when no good and necessary measures are being taken. The lesions once they appear and be of a considerable number, they still continue to develop even if one avoids the exposure to the sun. The rough spots are felt even before the lesions are seen. There are lesions which will develop on the chest regions, others on the legs and even on the thighs.


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