12 OctPorokeratosis Pilaris

Porokeratosis Plantaris discreta is a skin condition in adults that comes out as sharply marginated and wide based papules. A papule is a raised skin lesion that which has any shape on the skin. This disease is mostly common among adult females. Its history dates back to 1970s and it is closely associated with Keratodermas Psoriasis, Steinberg’s lesion. This disease places the skin in a disorder which makes the affected uncomfortable. The funny thing about this skin disorder is that it can affect any part of the body. The papules for the other types of porokeratosis can have different shapes but the papules caused by porokeratosis plantaris discreta are sharply marginated.

Once one has been infected with any form of porokeratosis has to seek for treatment as soon as possible before it becomes more exaggerated. Porokeratosis plantaris discreta, like any other kind of porokeratosis, is very irritating and much more embarrassing. You need to treat the lesions with the most effective method. The most effective treatment for this disorder is known as 5-fluorouracil. It is believed that the production of these abnormal lesions is due to the process of generation of DNA.

What this treatment does is to make the cell division to take place during the S phase. This an effective method of getting rid of porokeratosis plantaris discreta because the medicine soothes the lesions and their skin feels just like that of a normal skin. Here, it only your patience that works. You will apply the medicine for some days and you are promised of positive changes to appear after those days. Some people have the tendency of cutting off the lesions and plaques to have their normal skin. However, this is just a temporary treatment because after a short while they will come back again.

What we all need to know is that porokeratosis plantaris discreta is not permanently curable but only manageable. As we said earlier that it comes about with the production of DNA, it means that it is a hereditary skin disorder. Due to this reason, many dermatologists have been using a reliable method known as electrodessication method which is meant to dehydrate the skin using an electric current. This dehydrates the growths and destroys the lesions completely.

It is good to take precautions before you are caught up. Light skinned people are mostly affected. Sunlight is also known to trigger the production of the lesions. It is therefore good to protect your skin from extreme sunlight. Avoid alcohol so as to remain healthy. Visit a dermatologist to check your skin whenever you are suspicious of hereditary effects for advice.


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