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Porokeratosis is a skin disease which is characterised by patches which are surrounded by ridge like border referred to as cornoid lamella. There are available five variants of this disorder. These variants are specific in terms of how they do affect people and the intense once they attack an individual. These variants include the following; porokeratosis of mibelli (PM), the other variant is the disseminated supercial actinic porokeratosis (DSAP), another variant is porokeratosis Palmaris and plantaris disseminate (PPPD). There are other variants which have been discovered apart from the above named ones. A very good example of a newly discovered variant is pruritic popular variant among other variants.

There are very harmful side effects which are associated with the porokeratosis. This skin disorder due to its long period of development it may result to other complications. For instance, this can develop to skin cancer. This happens when there is development of sore within the porokeratosis lesion. When this sore is felt around or on the lesion, the only measure which is immediate is to visit the doctor or the skin specialist as soon as possible.

Porokeratosis is unique to somebody skin. For instance, it is very easy for someone to realise the disease on the fair skin. This disease is easily noticeable on the light skins. Those people with darker skin will not notice this disease until there is sore developing on the lesion. Palmaris et plantaris disseminate (PPPD) is more common in men than in women. The studies have shown that this disease is even twice more in men than it occurs in women. Disseminated supercial actinic (DSAP) is more prone in women than in men. According to the current statistics, this disorder is even thrice in women than it occurs in men.  PPPD and the linear can appear at any age. PM according to the study starts to develop as from the childhood. The DSAP at around the age of 30 years and 40 years, it is very prone to develop at that particular age.

The causes of porokeratosis are several. For instance, too much exposure to the sunlight is one of the causes of this skin disease. If an individual exposes the body to ultra violet rays the rays cause the skin lesions which in turn may lead to skin cancer. Radiation therapy and hereditary are other causes of this skin disease.


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