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Porokeratosis is a very common skin condition. It can affect both male and female and this is making it a very popular skin condition.  There is also no age that the skin condition can’t affect. Old and young need to watch out for it since it can come up at any point in time. But generally, it had been discovered that women are more susceptible to this skin situation.  Another thing worthy of note about this skin condition is that it can be seen on several parts of the body including the feet. This write up will look into some of the remedies that can be sought to get rid of the skin condition on you. It is however true that the skin condition does not cause any pain on you. It can only make the skin look rather unsightly.

Medical intervention

When you notice this skin condition on you, it is always better for you to visit the hospital immediately. Things are better treated medically since you can be sure of complete healing when you decide to get the thing treated at the hospital. The truth is that treating things at the hospital can be considerably expensive.  In case you do not have the money to get rid of the skin condition at the hospital, you can always seek treatment at home.

Cheap topical treatment

In case you do not have the money to pay at the hospital, you can apply simple topical cream on the skin condition to get it treated. You can easily obtain the creams over the counter and they can also be as helpful as any of the methods that are utilized at the hospital for the treatment of porokeratosis.  One of such topical methods that can be used for treating this skin condition includes hypericin. This is especially designed treatment method. It contains dye that is photoactive. Because of this, it is able to help you with the skin condition and you can be sure of total healing under few days of applying the topical treatment to your porokeratosis.

In place of the simple topical creams, you can always make use of glycolic acid for the treatment of porokeratosis. The glycolic acid can be simply applied to the skin condition and it will help to remove the skin condition from your skin under few days of consistent application. You can easily get glycolic acid over the counter at any of the drug stores out there.




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20 NovWhat Causes Porokeratosis?

Porokeratosis is actually giving the world lots of concerns. Several individuals are susceptible to it; especially as they approach old age. It is also very possible for the younger generation to end up with it. In fact, no one is immune to this skin condition in the least. In case you are having it, you will do well to pay a visit to the hospital. There are some very helpful treatments methods that can be utilized to help you get rid of the skin condition. If you delay in its treatment, the open sore it causes can get infected, which will make things more complex for you. The earlier you seek treatment for porokeratosis, the better for you.

Before anyone can successfully discuss about the right treatment method for porokeratosis, it is important to understand fully how the skin condition is caused. Right from the moment it was noticed, researches had begun into its origin and how it can occur on the skin. Without delay, the researches came up with a report that linked the ultraviolet rays received from the sun to the skin condition. Further studies were carried out and it was discovered that someone can only end up with it after excessive self exposure to the sun. This is said to be responsible for the highest occurrence of porokeratosis.


Anyone one who loves to lay down under the sun all in the name of getting sun tan may actually be doing him or herself some measure of danger. Before you know what is happening, you may get porokeratosis.  It is therefore necessary for you to put a measure of control on how you go about getting your sun tan so as not to damage your skin through porokeratosis at the end of the day

Other possible causes

Old age is another cause of the porokeratosis. In case you had a job that made it compulsory for you to stay under the sun for long hours of the day, you may end up with this skin condition as you grow older. When you reach your 40s and 50s, the signs of the skin condition will start appearing on you.  Have you been taken through surgery recently? Are you generally sick or you are having an infection like HIV? Then it is possible that your immune system is already compromised. Compromised immune system had also been linked to the occurrence of porokeratosis.



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16 SepPorokeratosis Symptoms

Porokeratosis is a condition of the skin that causes the formation of callous in circular moulds. Porokeratosis symptoms are not easily noticed at the very early stages. Since it is a hereditary condition, people do not take caution when some of the well known signs start developing. The reliefs that people go for are short term. These are like cutting the lesions off the skin with a razor. The relief is achieved but it is not long lived because they will automatically come back. The type of relief one will choose to use will depend on the size and location of the lesions.

The first porokeratosis symptoms are characterized by the appearance of lesions and plaques that have the shape of a crater. They are itchy and one feels uncomfortable about the disease. The mostly affected area is the palm and the foot from the rear side. Porokeratosis can be kept under control while at home. Immediately after the porokeratosis symptoms appear, you need to visit a dermatologist and acquire the fluorouracil cream of the correct concentration. This cream is powerful in softening the callus to make the skin feel healthy just like the one surrounding the lesion. You should only use this urea-based cream when you have its prescription.

After the callus has been softened, it does not mean that we are done with porokeratosis symptoms. The callus will still remain painful after the first treat. The other thing to go for is to remove the lesions. Some people would prefer going for a surgical operation to remove the lesions but this is neither safe nor advisable as well. It is good to scrub the callus with a lot of patience and make sure everything is done well. If it is the feet, you can use the pumice stone to remove the already softened lesions.

If the porokeratosis symptoms are caused due to exposure to ultra violet radiation, the malignant tissue can be very difficult to get rid of. Some people will always have to go for a surgical care. The lesions are excised and the tissue cells that are affected are degenerated using appropriate means. For most of porokeratosis patients, all what they may need is to use the urea based cream and get the proper protection against excess sunlight falling on the affected parts. This is a hereditary disease that can lead to skin cancer if not well monitored and treated.


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