26 FebTreating Porokeratosis

Porokeratosis is a very popular skin condition. It had been known to affect both male and female. This had increased its popularity and the number of people it had affected. It had also been found to be possible in both the old and the young. But generally, it had been discovered that women are more susceptible to this skin situation.  Another thing worthy of note about this skin condition is that it can be seen on several parts of the body including the feet. It is not contagious; neither is it painful, but treatment must be sought for it on time. If you do not seek for treatment for the porokeratosis on time, you may find it difficult to put things in order again.


Try topical treatment

Several methods are available for treating porokeratosis. One of such method involves the application of topical solutions. You will never need to take any oral drug at all and the skin condition will be removed from your skin with consistent application of the topical treatment method.  One of such topical methods that can be used for treating this skin condition includes hypericin. This is especially designed treatment method. It contains dye that is photoactive. The product is so active against the skin condition and you can be sure of its complete removal after some days of application. You should apply the hypericin consistently before you can expect it to work against porokeratosis.

Photodynamic therapy is a very reliable way of treating this skin condition.  You will never have to bother about the skin condition again after applying this treatment method for some days. Porokeratosis is strongly linked with the UV ray form the sun and this makes the photodynamic therapy the best treatment method that can be relied upon for the complete removal of the skin condition.

Its reliability

Several researches are still being conducted on how effective the photodynamic therapy is against porokeratosis. But those who had made use of it are testifying to its complete reliability. There seems to be no perfect solution to anything on earth. Because of this, no one should expect the application of this photodynamic therapy to be completely helpful in treating this condition. Many patients have been treated through this therapy and each of them seems to have very good testimony about how effective the treatment method can be against porokeratosis. This treatment method can only be applied at the hospital and it may be somewhat expensive.



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14 DecActinic Porokeratosis

Actinic Porokeratosis

The actinic porokeratosis is a special kind of skin condition. It had been reported in both the younger generations and in the elderly. Someone as young as 20 years old can get it. But as individuals grow, their chances of getting it tend to increase. The number of the skin condition also tends to increase. The skin condition appears as a lesion on the skin. The lesion looks rather irregular and is usually pinkish or reddish in color. But generally, the lesion looks roundish. The actinic porokeratosis can be highly disfiguring to the skin.

How it comes by

The occurrence of the skin condition had been largely linked to excessive exposure to the sun. The sun contains ultraviolet ray that can bring about some kind of genetic mutation on the skin. This genetic mutation had been linked to different forms of skin problems; depending on the particular gene that is affected by the ultraviolet ray. One of such outcomes of the genetic mutation is the occurrence of the actinic porokeratosis. Old age too had been implicated for being a helpful factor in the proliferation of the skin condition.  As one grows older, the chances of coming down with actinic porokeratosis tends to increase.

Other facts to note

The actinic porokeratosis had rarely been reported to be linked with itching or pain of any kind. But some patients had come up with the report that they do feel these sensations. This is however in very few cases.  It is true that the skin condition can appear both on the male and on the female. But researches had shown that women are more susceptible to it in comparison with the men.  Since it is related to genetic mutation, it tends to run in a family. This is to say that the parent can end up transferring the affected gene to the children at birth and they too will end up with actinic porokeratosis.

How to treat it

In order to treat actinic porokeratosis, you will have to pay a visit to the hospital. Several skin conditions can appear the same way as this particular one. There is therefore need for the doctor to determine the true nature of the lesion before any treatment procedure can be commenced. After the proper diagnosis, you will be taken through some treatments that will help to remove any itching sensation and also help you heal the actinic porokeratosis in as short a period of time as possible.



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07 DecPorokeratosis Cure

Porokeratosis is not so uncommon around today. Many individuals are having it. The fact that the skin condition can affect both male and female is contributing to its popularity. It had also been found to be possible in both the old and the young. But generally, it had been discovered that women are more susceptible to this skin situation.  Another thing worthy of note about this skin condition is that it can be seen on several parts of the body including the feet. It is not contagious; neither is it painful, but treatment must be sought for it on time. If not, things may get out of hands. Through this write up, you will learn about simple treatment methods that can be applied to porokeratosis.

Topical treatment method

There is a topical treatment method that had been developed for this skin condition. It is not so difficult to apply the method in the least. It does not require that you take anything orally and it is also very effective against the porokeratosis.  One of such topical methods that can be used for treating this skin condition includes hypericin. This is especially designed treatment method. It contains dye that is photoactive. Because of this, it is able to help you with the skin condition and you can be sure of total healing under few days of applying the topical treatment to your porokeratosis.

The treatment method described above is generally referred to as photodynamic therapy. It had proved itself to be very helpful in treating porokeratosis.  You will never have to bother about the skin condition again after applying this treatment method for some days. Since the skin condition is caused by excessive exposure to the ultraviolet ray of the sun, this treatment methods seems to be the right thing to use in combating porokeratosis on your skin.

How reliable

The treatment method had been discovered to be very reliable. But several researches are still ongoing about how completely dependable it can be for treating porokeratosis. There seems to be no perfect solution to anything on earth. Because of this, no one should expect the application of this photodynamic therapy to be completely helpful in treating this condition. In actual fact, some of the patients on whom the therapy had been applied came back to give a contrary report about how functional this treatment method can be for porokeratosis.  There is however plans to improve its reliability.


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20 NovWhat Causes Porokeratosis?

Porokeratosis is actually giving the world lots of concerns. Several individuals are susceptible to it; especially as they approach old age. It is also very possible for the younger generation to end up with it. In fact, no one is immune to this skin condition in the least. In case you are having it, you will do well to pay a visit to the hospital. There are some very helpful treatments methods that can be utilized to help you get rid of the skin condition. If you delay in its treatment, the open sore it causes can get infected, which will make things more complex for you. The earlier you seek treatment for porokeratosis, the better for you.

Before anyone can successfully discuss about the right treatment method for porokeratosis, it is important to understand fully how the skin condition is caused. Right from the moment it was noticed, researches had begun into its origin and how it can occur on the skin. Without delay, the researches came up with a report that linked the ultraviolet rays received from the sun to the skin condition. Further studies were carried out and it was discovered that someone can only end up with it after excessive self exposure to the sun. This is said to be responsible for the highest occurrence of porokeratosis.


Anyone one who loves to lay down under the sun all in the name of getting sun tan may actually be doing him or herself some measure of danger. Before you know what is happening, you may get porokeratosis.  It is therefore necessary for you to put a measure of control on how you go about getting your sun tan so as not to damage your skin through porokeratosis at the end of the day

Other possible causes

Old age is another cause of the porokeratosis. In case you had a job that made it compulsory for you to stay under the sun for long hours of the day, you may end up with this skin condition as you grow older. When you reach your 40s and 50s, the signs of the skin condition will start appearing on you.  Have you been taken through surgery recently? Are you generally sick or you are having an infection like HIV? Then it is possible that your immune system is already compromised. Compromised immune system had also been linked to the occurrence of porokeratosis.



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09 NovPorokeratosis Definition

One can make porokeratosis definition as a term used to refer to several dermatological disorders that affect the skin on various parts of the body. This condition is heritable and is characterized by abnormal clones of keratinocyte leading to production of lesions. The lesions are very irritating and also ugly to look at. Porokeratosis affect mostly the limbs and especially the legs. They are referred to as seed corns by most patients. Porokeratosis definition is usually not clear to many but it is a disorder of keratinisation that includes three autosomal dominant syndromes that occur separately. All these will show lesions with raised borders and the central part of the lesion has a furrow. To most people, the probability or the chance of one inheriting the gene from a parent to develop the disease is half.

For instance, porokeratosis of mibelli is characterized by lesions that are crater-like with raised borders. They appear on any part of the body but the palms and toes are mostly attacked. This is a good porokeratosis definition of this type of porokeratosis. The lesions will appear in groups arranged in lines or segments but others will come out as alone in the very early stages. This disease has been associated with females but when a male is faced with the disease, it is usually very serious.  It comes in the early ages of childhood and the lesions are proportional to age and size of the body.

Another porokeratosis definition is the one characterized by brownish red macules and is known as superficial actinic porokeratosis. This is triggered by sunlight and you will find lesions appearing on the body parts that are mostly exposed to the sun. The light skinned people, especially females, are common casualties of this condition. The lesions have sharply protruding borders and very itchy. Unlike the porokeratosis plantaris the lesions do not affect the palms and toes this time round but the rest of the body and do not have specific time to appear on the body. For porokeratosis plantaris, lesions come out during the early ages of the second decade of age.

During treatment of the mibelli form, dermatologists remove the underdeveloped lesions through a surgical operation. Another option is applying 5-fluorouracil on the affected areas for some time. Those who are affected by superficial actinic form should use sunscreen on their skin or avoid sunlight as much as possible. This is a dermatological condition that has proven to be incurable over the years.



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05 NovPorokeratoses

Porokeratoses is a kind of skin disorder. It is one disorder on which researches are still going on. This is to say that not much is known about it. But through this write up, you are going to learn one or two important things about this skin disorder. You are going to learn about some of its already detected symptoms and how you can possibly get it treated.

The danger of the disorder

The skin disorder known as Porokeratoses can lead to cancer if care is not taken. It is in your best interest never to allow things to lie low if you notice any kind of lesion on your skin. The moment any kind of lump begins to show up on the skin, it may be Porokeratoses. You may not be able to tell until you visit your doctor. The lesion tends to grow bigger and wider as time goes on if it is not checked. Before you know what is happening, something that could have been treated through normal treatment method may end up requiring expensive surgical procedure.

How it is identified

There are several names by which the Porokeratoses is known. There are times it is called the brown warts or the senile wart. At times, it is also called barnacles or seborrheic verruca. There are times it is also called senile keratosis or basal cell papilloma. It can also appear as cornoid lamella. In fact, when you notice cornoid lamella, you should know that Porokeratoses is on the way. The cornoid lamella on its own is mainly comprised of parakeratotic cells.

There are several variants of the skin disorder called Porokeratoses. Each of them may have some relationship in their names but in actual sense, they tend to have almost the same effect on the skin, but there may be some measure of variatio0nj here and there.

Effects on the sexes

Porokeratoses has different kinds of effects in each of the sexes. Some of the variants affect more men than women and vice versa. But in most cases, women had been discovered to be the sets of people mostly affected by the skin disorder.


Porokeratoses is not limited to any particular age group. In fact, it can affect anyone; irrespective of what age group he belongs to. It had been discovered to affect adults more anyway. Adults from 30 years old are most prone to the disorder.


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27 OctPorokeratosis Feet

Porokeratosis foot is very painful especially when pressure is exerted on the foot when one is walking. The pain is felt within the lesion and this is why the treatment is difficult. Hyperkeratosis indicates increased keratinocyte activity. This results from the increased pressure. Walking while bear footed can lead to one having the feet developing keratotic tissues on the foot. Corns and the callules are the abnormal keratinisation which can characterised as porokeratosis foot. Callules are often found in people’s feet especially on the weight bearing surface. This is common to the individuals with the tendencies of walking barefooted.

Corns are especially found on the toes. They are painful and do produce some sweat-like substance. This is accompanied by continuous paining and the toes swells up. The corns develop some thorn-like structures which are tightly fixed in the epidermal part of the toes. Other lesions of the porokeratosis foot may be similar to corns and callules. There are some ways which people do differentiate between the corns and the callules. This is done by obtaining the best treatment results for your patients. The conditions as the treatment is still on are taken and taken into consideration.

The conditions are just noticed, for instance it is difficult to treat arsenical keratoses. The condition of the arsenical keratoses treatment is very important because one will notice the one which porokeratosis foot is easier to treat and the one which is difficult. The arsenical keratoses is said to be secondary to arsenic exposure. When the ecerine poromas is observed, this is another way of differentiating between the two, that is, the corns and the callules. The ecerine poromas is partially flattened and it is slow in growing. It is also painless and it has been noticed to resemble the pyogenic granulomas. These ecerine poromas may appear like rubbery to firm and can reach 3 cm. This is mostly found in women. The women who suffer from this kind of porokeratosis foot are those at the age of around 40 years. In these women suffering from the foot disease, the lesions are mostly found to be on the heel or the ball of the foot.

Another important condition in porokeratosis foot is the keratodermas. In this condition you will find that most of these are inherited as autosomal dominant trait. They are inherited and they are form thick lesions which are painful especially when one walks.



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12 OctPorokeratosis Pilaris

Porokeratosis Plantaris discreta is a skin condition in adults that comes out as sharply marginated and wide based papules. A papule is a raised skin lesion that which has any shape on the skin. This disease is mostly common among adult females. Its history dates back to 1970s and it is closely associated with Keratodermas Psoriasis, Steinberg’s lesion. This disease places the skin in a disorder which makes the affected uncomfortable. The funny thing about this skin disorder is that it can affect any part of the body. The papules for the other types of porokeratosis can have different shapes but the papules caused by porokeratosis plantaris discreta are sharply marginated.

Once one has been infected with any form of porokeratosis has to seek for treatment as soon as possible before it becomes more exaggerated. Porokeratosis plantaris discreta, like any other kind of porokeratosis, is very irritating and much more embarrassing. You need to treat the lesions with the most effective method. The most effective treatment for this disorder is known as 5-fluorouracil. It is believed that the production of these abnormal lesions is due to the process of generation of DNA.

What this treatment does is to make the cell division to take place during the S phase. This an effective method of getting rid of porokeratosis plantaris discreta because the medicine soothes the lesions and their skin feels just like that of a normal skin. Here, it only your patience that works. You will apply the medicine for some days and you are promised of positive changes to appear after those days. Some people have the tendency of cutting off the lesions and plaques to have their normal skin. However, this is just a temporary treatment because after a short while they will come back again.

What we all need to know is that porokeratosis plantaris discreta is not permanently curable but only manageable. As we said earlier that it comes about with the production of DNA, it means that it is a hereditary skin disorder. Due to this reason, many dermatologists have been using a reliable method known as electrodessication method which is meant to dehydrate the skin using an electric current. This dehydrates the growths and destroys the lesions completely.

It is good to take precautions before you are caught up. Light skinned people are mostly affected. Sunlight is also known to trigger the production of the lesions. It is therefore good to protect your skin from extreme sunlight. Avoid alcohol so as to remain healthy. Visit a dermatologist to check your skin whenever you are suspicious of hereditary effects for advice.


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05 OctPorokeratosis

Porokeratosis is a kind of skin problem. It presents itself as a form of coronoid lamella on the keratin layer of the skin. There are different forms of this skin disorder. The six different types do have their own characteristic appearances. Recently, a seventh form of the disorder called porokeratosis plantaris discreta had been discovered.  This article will open your eyes to some of the facts about the skin disorder.

Porokeratosis is not usually common among kids. But adults are affected greatly. Anyone from the age of forty is more exposed to the skin disorder. The predisposition is due to the fact that the keratinized state of the skin of an adult tends to be tougher in comparison with that of a younger person. The cause of the disorder is not clearly known. In fact scientists do differ on the cause.

Most cases of the Porokeratosis had been noticed in women. In fact, women take up 75% of the occurrence of the skin disorder. This may not be too surprising; considering the fact that women tend to apply all sorts of cosmetics to the skin. These cosmetics are being thought to be responsible for many of the cases of the disorder.  Men are not so much predisposed to such cosmetic inclination; they therefore do not easily get exposed to Porokeratosis.

Porokeratosis is a kind of papule. It usually appears rubbery. You will be able to notice this when you touch it. It is also usually marginated. It usually covers a very wide space on the skin. In some quarters, it is referred to as Steinberg’s lesion. Normally, the skin disorder that appears like a lesion on the skin starts very small and increase in size over time; especially if it is not taken care of on time. Researches had been on concerning the skin disorder since as early as 1970. Till now researches are still ongoing on Porokeratosis.

If Porokeratosis is left untreated over a long period of time, it will become overgrown. It may also have some kind of horn-like structure. In some cases, the growth may become malignant and lead to cancer. But this does not occur in all cases of the disorder. There are some of the forms of the disorder that leads to squamous cell carcinoma. The earlier treatment is sought the better.


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01 OctPorokeratosis Of Mibelli

Porokeratosis of mibelli is a skin disease which starts actually in childhood. It presents with one or multiple annular plagues with central atrophy and elevated keratotic borders that have longitudinal furrow. This skin disease is commonly found in extremities. It also occurs in some areas like face, palms, soles, genital areas and even in the buccal mucosa. Porokeratosis of mibelli starts when the epidermis invaginates and a column of porokeratosis arises within the epidermis which has already invaginated.

It is associated with high rates of malignant transformations into Squamous- cell carcinoma and Bowen disease and also basal – cell carcinoma. It always advised to make sure the PM is treated the time it has been diagnosed. There are several therapies which have been discovered for the treatment of the porokeratosis of mibelli. An example of a therapy for the treatment of the PM is the topical 5-fluorouracil. There are other many therapies which have been found to be effective in the treatment of the PM. The topical 5-fluorouracil disrupts the DNA synthesis. This is how it functions to ensure there no further growth of the skin disease. The disruption of the DNA synthesis is done by inhibiting the synthesis of the thymide. When the synthesis of this thymide is inhibited, the results leads to cytotoxic activity towards the cell division in S phase. This phase involves a rapidly diving cells but the therapy acts very conveniently towards the treatment of the PM.

Porokeratosis of mibelli is a type of the porokeratosis. This type of porokeratosis appears during the childhood. Some study shows that this skin disease may display the lesions during the birth or may appear during the puberty. The lesions start as small, light brown, scaly papules. These papules may join to form a one or more plagues. The formed plague, each is separated from the surrounding skin by a warty rim with furrows which run in its centre. This skin disease affects any part of the body. The most known areas which are known to be affected by porokeratosis of mibelli are the limbs; which include the hands, feet. The other area is around the neck and shoulders. The face and the genital areas are also affected. The lesions may remain on the body for many years. The more they stay on the skin for a long period of time; they may turn to be skin cancer in future.


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