19 FebPorokeratosis Plantaris in Children

Porokeratosis had been linked with the elderly. It is however true that it can come up on practically everyone. It had also been discovered that the skin condition is common with women than men.  In case you are approaching advanced age, you may end up with it; provided you had been excessively exposed to the sun while you were still younger than this. If you are exposing yourself to the sun at this advanced age too, you can end up with the skin condition. Anyone who is having compromised immune system stands a very good chance of ending up with the skin condition.

It is possible for children to develop the skin condition. Children can have compromised immune system due to sickness and surgery. Porokeratosis can come up in anyone with compromised immune system. This is exactly why children too can end up with it.

Porokeratosis is of different types. They are usually named according to the part of the skin where they are found. When they grow on the sole of the feet, they are referred to as porokeratosis plantaris.  This one too has the same appearance like the normal one that can appear on other parts of the body. It only tends to look more thickened in comparison with other types. When it appears on the feet, it becomes rather difficult to move around with freedom.

When porokeratosis comes up on the feet of children, it can really make things complicated. Such skin condition can easily get infected due to the dirty nature of the feet and further complications can result. The possibility of complications increases in children in comparison with elderly ones.

More intense medical intervention may therefore be needed for treatment of such infection, which will be more expensive in comparisons with the amount that would have been spent in treating the porokeratosis ordinarily.


It is not in your best interest to allow the porokeratosis to stay on the feet of the kids for to long before they are removed. Get the kids to the hospital so that quick medical intervention can be implemented. Your doctor will know exactly how to deal with the issue at hand. If you make any effort to delay your visit to the hospital or you try to do things yourself, you may only be worsening the condition of the porokeratosis plantaris. The earlier the whole thing is resolved the better for your kid and your purse.



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