22 AugTreatments Available For Porokeratosis

There are different kinds of porokeratosis. However, none of them have a permanent cure. It is however important to note that they are ways to treat them. The lesions cannot be completely removed but with these methods you can easily control them. This is the only way that you can live with them. Although there are prescribed ways to prevent the disease, what makes it inevitable to some people is the fact that it is of genetic origin. From the research done by the dermatologists, some of the ways include;

Excision- the process involves cutting off the lesion tissues. It is normally done in hospitals as a surgery. You may use a scalp to chop off the skin growth. It is however a very risky method and should be conducted by a specialist. This is because it involves digging of the lesion tissue which is normally joined to the skin tissues. The risk comes in when cutting the damaged and infected tissues; the cutting object may end up tampering with the other tissues.

Cryotherapy is another way to treat the lesions. The method involves use of liquid Nitrogen. The liquid freezes the lesions to as very low degree of temperature. After the freezing, the skin surface looks as it was before the lesions appear. It is rather a temporary way of treating them.

Laser therapy can also be used to treat the lesions. In this process, a red and infrared beam of light is used. It is directed to the lesion. The method relieves pain, burns and destroys the lesion tissues. The lesion for a period of time dies.

You may also use electrodessication method. This is where one uses an electric current to destroy the lesion tissues. The purpose of the current is to dehydrate the skin growth. It is a very reliable method which is currently used by many of the dermatologists.

All the above methods are reliable to control the porokeratosis. It however does not go completely, after some time it reappears. It is therefore important that if you can’t live with them, of which many wouldn’t prefer, be treating them regularly. It will save you from embarrassments and the irritation they possess.

Again, it is important that you visit a dermatologist so that you can be advised on the best way to treat the kind of porokeratosis. Different types of porokeratosis can be treated differently.


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