23 AprHerbal Porokeratosis Treatment

Some younger individuals around do have porokeratosis. But the skin condition had been noticed more on the elderly. The chances of having it increase as one grows older. The immunity of the body decreases with age. This makes the skin more susceptible to the UV ray from the sun. This leads to the excessive production of keratin. The keratin accumulates on the surface of the skin and lead to the formation of porokeratosis. This skin condition has a way of making the skin look very ugly. But you can always get it treated if you want. Some very helpful herbal products that can be sued will be highlighted below.

No need for treatment

If you do not mind, you can always leave the porokeratosis alone on your skin. It will not cause any damage of any kind on your skin. This skin condition had never been known to have any link with cancer. But porokeratosis can actually make the skin look very ugly.  For cosmetics reasons, you may decide to get rid of the skin condition and you can be sure of getting your normal skin color back. Several methods had been developed for the elimination of the skin condition and you can easily apply many of them right at home without spending a dime on hospital bill.

Try Apple cidar vinegar

This treatment method had never been known to have any negative effect on the skin when you use it to treat porokeratosis. In fact, it is one of the long standing treatment methods used on porokeratosis. It can help you get rid of the skin condition after few days of consistent treatment. It involves the application of the solution directly on the skin condition. Apple cidar vinegar has a way of melting the skin condition and the accumulated keratin will get melted off your skin.  You can get the apple cidar vinegar to buy all over the place. It is never advisable to use only vinegar for this purpose. This is because of the burning effect that vinegar can have on the skin. It is therefore in your best interests to mix the vinegar with apple cidar before you apply it on your skin.

Try Topical creams

In case you can’t lay your hands on the apple cidar vinegar, you can always depend on simple topical cream to treat the porokeratosis. Some of them are made of herbal product and theya re sp[ecificaly for porokeratosis.



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08 AprPorokeratosis Home Remedies

Porokeratosis have a way of making the skin look unsightly. This is the reason many individuals do not delay in getting rid of it. It can also be considerably painful. There is also the fear that porokeratosis can lead to cancer. Though this fear is not completely confirmed, it is however safe to get rid of the skin condition on time before the unexpected happens. There are several ways through which porokeratosis can be removed form the skin. Through this write up, some of the removal methods will be discussed. You will also discover that the methods can be carried out right at home.

Try apple cidar vinegar

Apple cidar vinegar is one of the products that can be used in treating porokeratosis at home. Some individuals have reported that the product work on their porokeratosis. This treatment method does not give a fast result; it may take a number of days before any positive result can be experienced. Apple cidar vinegar can be obtained over the counter and you can get it without any doctor’s prescription. It is also very cheap to come by. In case you do not get the already prepared apple cidar vinegar, you can always buy the various constituents and prepare it by yourself.

Topical products

Topical products can also be used to treating porokeratosis. The topical products can be applied directly on the skin condition and the effect can be very quick. The topical products are made from herbal products and they do not have any adverse effect on the skin whatsoever.  Walk into any of the drug stores around and you should be able to get these specially prepared topical products that can be used on your porokeratosis. You do not need any doctor’s prescription and it is also very cheap to come by.  A very good example of the topical products that can be used on your porokeratosis is tacalcitol. This product had been tried over time and it had been discovered to be very helpful against the skin condition. With consistent application, the porokeratosis can be rid of your skin in a matter of days.


Balanced diet can also be helpful in removing porokeratosis from your skin. When you eat balanced diet, your body will be supplied with the right amount of vitamins and minerals that will speed up the healing process of the skin condition. In order to ensure the proper and adequate supply of nutrients in your body, you can always depend on supplements.


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