01 AprWhat Causes Actinic Porokeratosis?

Actinic porokeratosis had been linked with the sun right from time. It is a special kind of skin condition in that it can come up on individuals of any age.  The skin condition has this rough appearance. It can also come up in the form of lesion. After the skin had been exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, what you have as a result is actinic porokeratosis. Over time, it had been noticed that the skin condition comes up only on parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. Such parts of the body are the legs, the arms, the face and the neck area.

General appearance

The skin condition had been described above to come up in the form of lesion. It comes in various shades of color. It can come up with reddish brown color and there are times the skin condition will take the color of the skin it is growing on.  The size of the actinic porokeratosis also varies. The size can be considerably large and there are times it can be very small.   There are times that the lesion of actinic porokeratosis grows to become a horn like thing. This is the reason it is sometimes called coetaneous horn.

Its cause

As it had been made known at the beginning of this write up, the skin condition is caused by the extensive exposure of the body to the sun. In case you are the type that loves to go for sun tanning, you need to be very careful how you o about this. That fashionable shade of color you are seeking may actually end up with contrary health effect on you.

The associated danger

This skin condition had been discovered to have a strong link with skin cancer. This is to say that anyone having it can actually end up with skin cancer. For this reason, it should be prevented or treated on time. Once you notice actinic porokeratosis on your skin, you will do well to pay a visit to the hospital so as to get treated on time.  At the hospital, you will be placed under the direct care of a dermatologist, who will help you manage the skin condition and also help to avert the possibility of cancer coming up on your skin.  If this skin condition is not tended to on time, it can progressively lead to cancer.


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21 JanWhat Does Porokeratosis Look Like?

Porokeratosis refers to a skin laceration that can emerge on any part on the body. When it comes out on certain parts like genitals or on the feet, it is likely to spread more rapidly. This is as a result of the humid and relatively dirty conditions of these two body surfaces. It affects males, females as well as the young and the old. Porokeratosis can also affect those with low immunity.

Porokeratosis comes about as a skin lesion. The lesion is often in a disc form. When the lesion appears, it may be in various colors. The appearance may be, reddish, pinkish or brownish. Its size and condition on the skin will also vary. When the lesion freshly appears, it is not generally big. But it will increase in size if left for a long time and this increases the possibilities of getting infected.  The quantity of lesions may also vary. More lesions are found in people who are well advanced in age.

Porokeratosis essentially comes in diverse variants, these variants however will not look different from each other. Some of the variations are: the disseminated superficial actinic type. The actinic porokeratosis type is rarely associated with itching and pain of any type though some may feel these sensations. This is nevertheless in very a small number of cases.  Since porokeratosis associated to genetic alteration, it is likely to be passed on among family members.

Porokeratosis foot is another type of the skin ailment. It affects the feet and when pressure is exerted there is intense pain especially when walking. This pain is experienced inside the lesion leading to difficulty in treatment. Porokeratosis foot generally affects women. Women who suffer from porokeratosis foot are usually of around forty years of age. The lesions in women of this age group who suffer from this skin ailment are mostly found on the heel of the foot. Another significant condition in this type is the keratodermas. Keratodermas is an inborn trait often passed on as autosomal dominant characteristic. They usually form solid lesions that are painful particularly when one walks.

At times, is also a possibility for a patient to be affected with two or more variants of the Porokeratosis on the skin of the patient. When such a situation arises, treatment becomes quite challenging since it means that various different drugs will be used to combat the each of the diverse variants.



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14 DecActinic Porokeratosis

Actinic Porokeratosis

The actinic porokeratosis is a special kind of skin condition. It had been reported in both the younger generations and in the elderly. Someone as young as 20 years old can get it. But as individuals grow, their chances of getting it tend to increase. The number of the skin condition also tends to increase. The skin condition appears as a lesion on the skin. The lesion looks rather irregular and is usually pinkish or reddish in color. But generally, the lesion looks roundish. The actinic porokeratosis can be highly disfiguring to the skin.

How it comes by

The occurrence of the skin condition had been largely linked to excessive exposure to the sun. The sun contains ultraviolet ray that can bring about some kind of genetic mutation on the skin. This genetic mutation had been linked to different forms of skin problems; depending on the particular gene that is affected by the ultraviolet ray. One of such outcomes of the genetic mutation is the occurrence of the actinic porokeratosis. Old age too had been implicated for being a helpful factor in the proliferation of the skin condition.  As one grows older, the chances of coming down with actinic porokeratosis tends to increase.

Other facts to note

The actinic porokeratosis had rarely been reported to be linked with itching or pain of any kind. But some patients had come up with the report that they do feel these sensations. This is however in very few cases.  It is true that the skin condition can appear both on the male and on the female. But researches had shown that women are more susceptible to it in comparison with the men.  Since it is related to genetic mutation, it tends to run in a family. This is to say that the parent can end up transferring the affected gene to the children at birth and they too will end up with actinic porokeratosis.

How to treat it

In order to treat actinic porokeratosis, you will have to pay a visit to the hospital. Several skin conditions can appear the same way as this particular one. There is therefore need for the doctor to determine the true nature of the lesion before any treatment procedure can be commenced. After the proper diagnosis, you will be taken through some treatments that will help to remove any itching sensation and also help you heal the actinic porokeratosis in as short a period of time as possible.



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