12 AprDSAP Porokeratosis

DSAP Porokeratosis

This is a condition that causes reddish brown scaly spots on the skin. It mainly attacks body parts that are normally exposed to the sun. Such parts include the arms and legs among others. Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis is an inherited condition that is not so serious. It occurs in people whose immune system is poor. Such people are the middle aged and the ageing ones. Also, this condition  attacks more women compared to men. Once a spot of Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis is formed, a reddish itchy circle is formed which enlarges with long exposure to the sun.

Whenever such symptoms show up, one is required to see a dermatologist. How can one ascertain a good dermatologist? One attribute of the best dermatologist to handle the DSAP condition is experience. This is a key element of any dermatologist. Such a physician understands all the skin problems hence knows the right diagnosis. It is unfortunate that there are upcoming skin physicians who lure patients with cheap offers only to offer low quality treatment. In most cases, such physicians prescribe skin creams that cause further damage to the skin. This calls upon everyone to do some research to land the best dermatologist.

There are so many ways of finding the best and experienced dermatologist. The most outstanding one is consultation. By consulting from people who have had the services of dermatologists, one stands to gain in the following ways. First, he or she will know both the best and worst dermatologists thus entertain and shun them respectively. Secondly, seeking advice guarantees an individual the knowledge about the minor things that must be done to make a successful DSAP elimination. Lastly, by talking to people, one is granted an opportunity to know the commonly made mistakes while treating DSAP hence avert them.

Another attribute to look for in a dermatologist is affordability. It is a fact that the economic conditions are not good. This implies that one needs to get a dermatologist who does not charge exorbitant rates. One should shun skin physicians whose main aim is to make money at the expense of their patients. The best way to ascertain the rates of every dermatologist is to visit their websites and read through the price list of their services.

In conclusion, it is advisable for one to avoid excessive exposure of the body to the sun. This reduces chances of experiencing Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis.


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01 AprWhat Causes Actinic Porokeratosis?

Actinic porokeratosis had been linked with the sun right from time. It is a special kind of skin condition in that it can come up on individuals of any age.  The skin condition has this rough appearance. It can also come up in the form of lesion. After the skin had been exposed to the sun for an extended period of time, what you have as a result is actinic porokeratosis. Over time, it had been noticed that the skin condition comes up only on parts of the body that are exposed to the sun. Such parts of the body are the legs, the arms, the face and the neck area.

General appearance

The skin condition had been described above to come up in the form of lesion. It comes in various shades of color. It can come up with reddish brown color and there are times the skin condition will take the color of the skin it is growing on.  The size of the actinic porokeratosis also varies. The size can be considerably large and there are times it can be very small.   There are times that the lesion of actinic porokeratosis grows to become a horn like thing. This is the reason it is sometimes called coetaneous horn.

Its cause

As it had been made known at the beginning of this write up, the skin condition is caused by the extensive exposure of the body to the sun. In case you are the type that loves to go for sun tanning, you need to be very careful how you o about this. That fashionable shade of color you are seeking may actually end up with contrary health effect on you.

The associated danger

This skin condition had been discovered to have a strong link with skin cancer. This is to say that anyone having it can actually end up with skin cancer. For this reason, it should be prevented or treated on time. Once you notice actinic porokeratosis on your skin, you will do well to pay a visit to the hospital so as to get treated on time.  At the hospital, you will be placed under the direct care of a dermatologist, who will help you manage the skin condition and also help to avert the possibility of cancer coming up on your skin.  If this skin condition is not tended to on time, it can progressively lead to cancer.


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02 DecDisseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratosis

The disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis is a special kind of skin condition that forms lesion on the skin when it appears. The lesion can be rather pinkish in appearance and the area of the skin on which this skin condition grows tends to look rather roughened due to overgrowth of keratin around the area. It can be rather disfiguring to the skin and scratching it can be problematic; since this can worsen the case and make treatment more complicated. One thing about the skin condition is that it is not possible to catch it from an infected person. Aside this, the occurrence of porokeratosis   had been linked to some kind of genetic imbalance in the affected person.

How to get it

Several researches had been conducted into how one can come by the skin condition called porokeratosis. The research had been able to show that the sun can be responsible for its occurrence. When you expose yourself to the sun to constantly, the sun will tend to lead to some modification in your genetic order and this can lead to various health conditions including this particular skin condition called porokeratosis. Check out the skin of anyone who has it and you will discover that the skin condition occurs on areas that are exposed to the sun.

Condition exposing one to the condition

It is true that getting excessively exposed to the sun can lead to disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis. But it had also been discovered that there are some other conditions that can actually trigger off the appearance of the skin condition aside UV exposure. Anyone who had compromised immune system may easily get the skin condition when he or she gets exposed to the sun. Because of this, the porokeratosis tends to be more common in the elderly and those that are sick.

Who can be affected?

It is common for elderly ones to end up with porokeratosis.  But it had also been discovered that younger ones can also have it. In fact, several cases f this skin condition had been reported in those who are in their 20s. The only thing is that the problem tends to increase as one approach the 40s and 50s. The number of the lesion showing on the skin can vary. This depends largely on how much exposure the particular part of the skin had been given to the direct glare of the sun. There are also several methods by which porokeratosis can be treated.


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