26 NovPorokeratosis Plantaris

Porokeratosis is a rather common skin problem. It can occur on practically everyone. But it had been linked more to women and those who are in their 50s. In case you are approaching advanced age, you may end up with it; provided you had been excessively exposed to the sun while you were still younger than this. If you are exposing yourself to the sun at this advanced age too, you can end up with the skin condition. Compromised immune systems; as can be seen in the elderly, the sick and those who had gone through surgery recently can also lead to the skin condition. The porokeratosis is helped all the more if the above mentioned sets of people with compromised immune system get exposed to the sun.

Have you ever heard of porokeratosis plantaris? In case you have not, this simple term refers to this skin condition that appears on the feet.  This one too has the same appearance like the normal one that can appear on other parts of the body. It only tends to look more thickened in comparison with other types. When it appears on the feet, it becomes rather difficult to move around with freedom. The person affected by porokeratosis plantaris may end up being supported on caroches.

This form of porokeratosis can lead to further complication if care is not taken. Normally, any kind of wound appearing on the foot can be considerably difficult to manage; considering the rather hardened nature of the skin around this area. But when the individual affected by this particular skin condition on the feet makes a mistake of placing the feet on the ground, the whole place may get infected. More intense medical intervention may therefore be needed for treatment of such infection, which will be more expensive in comparisons with the amount that would have been spent in treating the porokeratosis ordinarily.

What to do

Do not hesitate when you notice the porokeratosis on your foot. Make a rush for the hospital and never expect any home remedy of any kind to rescue you from the situation. Your doctor will know exactly how to deal with the issue at hand. If you make any effort to delay your visit to the hospital or you try to do things yourself, you may only be worsening the condition of the porokeratosis plantaris. At the end of the day, you will end up spending more money for treatment.


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