10 FebPorokeratosis On The Legs

Porokeratosis is a skin condition that affects individuals on the legs. Porokeratosis on the legs may be as a result of either exposure of the skin to excessive sun emissions such as ultraviolent rays more especially during summer. To others this skin condition can be a natural occurrence on the legs and can occur right from the time birth. This particular condition is sometimes referred as birth marks.

Porokeratosis lesion on the legs usually starts as a conical papule brownish red plugs which are approximately 1-3mm. As the leg lesion expands, the skin around it becomes thickened and mildly reddish brown and a pale ring might be seen just within the lesion.  Note that, exposure of the lesion to the sun causes great itching to the patient. Lesions can be numerous on the legs of the affected person and they are capable of changing their shape from circular to a polycyclic.

Note that if a porokeratosis patient is regularly exposed to the sun, there are high chances of him or her developing another skin complication otherwise known as solar keratosis and any other form of skin cancer which can cause health problems. It is therefore necessary, for the affected patients, to avoid exposing their already affected legs to the sun for the sake of their health conditions. It is important to note that porokeratosis on the legs is very rare at childhood but very common among adults of the ages of thirty five and forty five.

It is quite unfortunate that up to date, there is no satisfactory treatment for porokeratosis. However, the use of photodynamic therapy, alpha hydroxy acid cream, cry therapy and tretinon cream have not been able to treat this condition effectively.

Note that the porokeratosis of the legs is very bothersome to persons affected. Its effect undermines one’s self-confidence. Porokeratosis of the skin is also non discriminatory-it affects all the people regardless of their race, all are at the risk of becoming victims.

Apart from the inherited porokeratosis of the leg which one inherits from his family at birth, the porokeratosis, caused by the sun ultraviolent rays can be effectively avoided by individual persons through proper protection of their legs during summer. Excessive exposure of the skin to sunlight should be avoided as much as possible to reduce chances of developing porokeratosis. Again, it is important to note that women are more likely to be affected by porokeratosis of the legs than men of their ages.



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