02 FebBrown Skin Porokeratosis

Porokeratosis is a skin disorder that generally manifests in grownups. Its prevalence is relatively higher in ladies than gents. It is a of genetic skin disorder. Brown skin Porokeratosis manifests itself through reddish lesions and spots on various parts of the body mainly appearing on the legs as well as the back part of the body. Porokeratosis affects different skin types in different ways and also depending on different variants of the ailment. Light skinned persons are most affected by most types of the disorder and only a few affect brown skins. This happens because the rays of the sun easily go through light skin in form of VBA as compared to brown skins.

Porokeratosis plantaris is a variant of porokeratosis that affects mainly brown skin. It is benign and generally affects the palms and the soles of the feet. However if not speedily treated, it will extend to other body parts. It is very uncommon and occurs by the slow solidification of the skin.  Since most cases of porokeratosis are inherited, they rarely affect people of brown skin origin as their skin provides protection against sun rays that bring about this disorder. Most of the victims with brown skin are mainly those with low immunity.

Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis (DSAP) is another variation of porokeratosis that affects brown skins. It is also a rare skin condition that brings about reddish sunburned scaly marks. It will barely show up after sun damage has occurred on the skin. It also affects the pale skinned people in mid-life. It mostly affects women. Once a mark of DSAP is formed it could gradually increase to create a ring or sphere. The spots appear to grow and itch after exposure to the sun.

Porokeratosis of mibelli also affects brown skin. Its lesions appear to start at childhood. They grow in extremities and appear also on the face. As lesions in the beginning they manifest as tiny, light sunburned, scaly papules. The papules will at times join to create a plague that is divided from the surrounding area by a warty rim. Again the papules might bond to form additional plagues which are also divided from the surrounding area by a warty rim.

Actinic Keratosis is another variant that affects skin which has been overexposed to the sun without adequate protection. The lesions of this variant are developed on the light spot of the skin. The pattern of these lesions is obviously selective. As it always seems, the bare areas of the skin are the ones mostly affected. This is because the uncovered parts are exposed to sunlight and ultra violet light. The light spots of the skin affected include the face which is mostly not covered and as such remains exposed to the sun and the rays.



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